Feel the less than 3!


No, this is not a subsequent pondering to the formula about hoping that 3 = 1Someone “less than threes” my blog!

 at So Dear and Yet So Far has bestowed upon this blog this lovely acknowledgment. I’m honored because I “less than three” her blog too, and also her husband CDE’s blog, Once in a Lifetime. Since losing their twin boys in December, they have both written with eloquence and honesty. STE struggled at first to tell her story, it was still so fresh and raw. I’m glad she somehow found a way to write through the tears. CDE provides the often ignored male perspective with insight, wit and heart. I only wish my husband and I had discovered blogging back then — maybe we wouldn’t have felt so misunderstood and alone.

For anyone who doesn’t get it, “less than three” is a virtual heart, so we are spreading the online love. And now to keep it spreading…

I “less than three” so many bloggers and blogs, but I’ll just point out two. One is Tabi at 
The ART of Being Infertile, whose endless creativity never ceases to astound me. (Editing to add that Tabi is unfortunately suffering another ectopic pregnancy from IVF#3 so she could really use some love right now.) Also Shinejil at Sluggish Butterfly. She communes with nature, enjoys a rewarding life outside of babymaking, and most importantly, she makes me laugh. So let’s feel the “less than three” all around…



~ by luna on March 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Feel the less than 3!”

  1. I Less Than Three you, too=)

  2. This is one case where less than = more than! ; )

  3. Shucks, Luna! I’m touched. Thanks!

  4. Luna – you are showing some linklove today =)

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