what gets your mojo working?

As I wait, hope and pray for my lining to grow grow grow, I find myself reading a lot of blogs as a distraction. I’ve been feeling pretty powerless over this whole situation — there’s nothing like surrendering control of your body to science and technology. I wanted to talk to a different kind of expert, so I asked Kymberli about her protocol after IVF transfer. She was not only kind enough to respond, but she also presented a challenge to the blogging and surrogate communities to share your own tips for success. Click on over and participate in the contest (there’s also a longer version with the full story here). What have you done to prepare your body and mind to conceive or to optimize your chance of success? Do you have some kind of ritual you’re willing to share? There are prizes involved! So pop on over and share your stories. Kymberli could use the distraction too. 


~ by luna on March 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “what gets your mojo working?”

  1. This is the whole reason I love blogs–the sharing of information.

  2. Thanks for the cross-ref, luna! Hopefully we’ll both get the distraction that we need!

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