fertile soil?


So I spent part of Sunday digging in the dirt, 
as planned. I was lucky to get some good weather and finally dragged myself away from blog-reading long enough to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. (When do you make time to read blogs? at work? in the morning? at night before bed? instead of sleeping? instead of doing dishes? just curious.)

Anyway, I didn’t get to do any planting yet, so I’ll save that satisfaction for another spring day. Instead I dug out every dead plant and weed and rotted root I could find. We have just a tiny little patch and much of our gardening is in containers (note that’s the South of France above, not my backyard!). We had an early frost this winter that caught me off guard and damaged so many plants. So I yanked out every dead thing that was supposed to be living. And I tilled the soil to prepare it for spring planting and optimal fertility.

Of course all the while I could not help but think that’s what I’m doing for myself too. I’m doing everything I can to cultivate my womb to prepare for my incoming frosties, soon to be thawed out from winter. We’ve cleaned out all the stuff that doesn’t belong there. Now I’m fertilizing by providing nutrients to build a healthy lining, which we hope will nurture our little seeds to take root and sprout and grow into something spectacular. Now we hope our seeds are good and my soil is truly fertile. Holy crap, did I just say hope? That must be the spirit and renewal of spring talking.  


~ by luna on March 16, 2008.

15 Responses to “fertile soil?”

  1. That bitch hope always seems to creep back in, doesn’t she? Wanna come clear out all the dead in our yard too? It needs some serious help.

    I usually spend some time in the evening while watching tv catching up on everyone. Although sometimes I cheat when I need a break at work and check in mid-day. Google reader really helps.

  2. I read mostly in the morning while I drink my coffee. Sometimes at night too. Like Denise, google reader is helpful when I pop in throughout the day. So … I guess I’ll just go ahead and admit I check in a lot 😉

    Hope dies hard, friend. And I think that’s a good thing.

  3. Gardening can be so therapeutic, so good for the soul. I dug around in mine this weekend too. It felt really really good.

    I hope your garden and you have a very fertile season!

  4. Good for you for getting out and doing something. Productivity is key, though I haven’t been very productive lately. I’m working on it. I expect to be back in fighting form very soon. I’ve actually been checking up on blogs a lot lately, I guess because it’s therapeutic to see that others have success or at the very least survive the heartache in time. I’m very much hoping that shared experiences help me center at this point. (I just realized that my comment is all about me, me, me. Forgive me. There I go again.) Smile

  5. That picture is gorgeous. I love the idea of kicking around in the dirt. I’m feeling like life for those of us with the thin linings would be so much easier if we could toss some cow manuer on our utes and watch the number rise!

  6. Sorry I haven’t logged on in a while- thanks for your comment on my blog, I was so sorry to read about the delay. This is all so frustrating but of course you want the best shot possible. BTW, I get my raspberry leaf tea from Traditional Medicinals http://www.tradtionalmedicinals.com and they deliver really quickly. Has your doc thought about Viagra for your lining? Some RE’s use it (mine in LV does, although that is one thing I haven’t needed so I don’t know much about it). I think some use terbutaline, too, but it has nasty side effects. All the best and hang in there! -Dot

  7. I am hoping for you also Luna … what a difficult time you have had lately. Maybe the spring vibe of new life will carry you along on its wave. Thinking of you!


  8. Lately I’ve blogged (read or written) in every free moment I have, and I’ve even pushed some things out of the way to make the time. Leading up to this transfer, my mind is consumed with all things cycling, and sometimes it is easier to just give in to the obsession than try to stifle it. It helps the wait go by faster.

    This post makes me think of the musical Godspell and the song about the “good soil” parable. It was a happy little song, and I will be thinking happy and hopeful thoughts for you, Luna.

  9. I feel that working with earth has to be best medicine for despair and unfulfilled longings. It’s so easy to lose yourself in the smell and feel of it. I think, crazy plant lady that I am, that just working with plants and soil has a very positive effect on our bodies.

    I hope you’ll let us know what you’re planning on planting.

  10. As I can’t do lots of the stuff I’d usually be doing during this 2WW (cleaning, digging the garden, walking places, carrying shopping home, skydiving – only joking about the skydiving), blogging has conveniently filled the hole. I was at our allotment this weekend too (not sure if you have allotments in the US – they are patches of land set aside for growing vegetables owned by the local council). Only this time, my husband was doing the digging and I was sitting in a deckchair watching.

    I really hope that you blossom this spring, Luna.

  11. Oops – it’s the land that’s owned by the council, not the vegetables. That wasn’t clear in my message. Also, the rent is hilariously low. My 30 yard by 8 yard plot is £15 (around $30) a year.

  12. Just wanted to wish you luck with your FET (sorry to hear about the delay). I know what you mean because nothing has gone the way I expected either with our journey. Love the gardening analogy – preparing for optimal fertility. I hope this Spring brings lots of good things your way. May your garden be filled with lots of beautiufl plants and your uterus have a baby (or two) growing as well.

  13. Luna-Sorry about the delay- when will our bodies just learn to cooperate?! It would be best for us both if it would just give in and let us run things- right?! Anyway, I have to say before I read your blog I was a little jealous, I thought that those were YOUR sunflowers- I am still looking at my 2 or 3 tiny little crocus attempting to bloom- I am sure that your garden will be just as beautiful as that one there in France very soon 🙂 As for when do I read the blogs…. lately since I am on medical leave- it seems like almost every chance I get or whenever I am awake- which ever is the longest time period of consciousness LOL. Keeping you in my thoughts- will be back to check in on you soon 😉

  14. Gorgeous pic! I’m definitely a morning blog reader — y’all keep me company with my cuppa Joe. Wishing you much fertile ground….

  15. Nothing like gardening for the soul. I got my mulch and manure routine in VERY early this year (and yes, I’m still feeling smug about it), and I couldn’t help but ponder on the same irony/analogy you hit on. I feel like, by begging the earth to produce, I’m begging my body to do so as well.

    But the earth always comes though (sheesh, Maryland is a freakin’ jungle, EVERYTHING grows here.).

    Not so my body.

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