well at least it’s good for something…

The 24k we spent on IVF, IUIs and other related expenses in 2007 didn’t result in a baby, obviously. But I suppose it will make a fine tax deduction. That includes the 4k in IVF-related expenses we paid in January 2008 after my BFN (great timing by the billing office, heh?). It does not include the additional 1k we spent on grief counseling last year. Not a cent of this 25k total was covered by insurance. And while we’ll deduct our medical expenses for 2007, we won’t get any tax returns. Anyway, that’s how I spent my Sunday morning, tallying the substantial chunk of change we spent in a futile effort to build a family last year. It still stings a bit to see it in black and white.


On a happier note, we’re headed out of town on Thursday for a long weekend in Seattle. A much needed (though too short) escape from the more mundane aspects of our everyday lives — e.g., going to work, paying our taxes, doing dishes, etc. It will likely be cold and raining, but we don’t really care. We’re staying at a small cozy hotel overlooking Puget Sound which sounds lovely, and we plan to explore and have a little adventure. It will be one of the first non-family getaways we’ve had in about two years and we’re both looking forward to it.  See you in March. 


~ by luna on February 25, 2008.

16 Responses to “well at least it’s good for something…”

  1. It will do you a world of good. We took a week off after my failed IVF and it was tonic for the soul. I hope that you’re able to relax and enjoy one another and take a break (as much as possible) from the suitcase of worries. That’s one bag you can chedk for this weekend! Enjoy wonderful food and good views. We’ll look forward to hearing from you when you return!

  2. It’s not much consolation, is it?

    Enjoy Seattle. I love that city!

  3. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! I love Seattle, and the mountains not far from it (esp. the fabulously named Mt. Storm King). I can’t think of a better palate cleanser after the taxes that left a bitter taste in your mouth.

  4. Have a great mini-vacation! I also love Seattle!

  5. Ah yes, tallying the bills. We were in the same boat no long ago. Seeing it all added up is a rude reminder of dollars invested with no return…sigh. Have a wonderful, wonderful cozy weekend in Seattle!!

  6. So glad that you and hubby will be going on a mini-vaca. Seattle is such a wonderful and beautiful city! Make sure you enjoy some of Seattle’s best products including some great coffee … even if it is decaf!

    As for the tax deduction … yeah, I’m with you there. Except doesn’t it seem like such a “consolation prize” rather than winning the jackpot? Big HUGS to you … as I keep trying to convince myself, one day all this heartache will pay off in the “grandest prize of all.”

  7. In 2006 we spent about 12K on a grad school budget (thank god for financial aid), less last year. Not much consolation at all.

    LOVE Seattle — have a wonderful, relaxing time!

  8. Hope you have fun.

  9. Enjoy your trip! DH and I just got back last week (Feb 14-18th) from Seattle- we had a wonderful time, took the ferry to Bainbridge and went to a fabulous teahouse- August Moon- it was wonderful (neither one of us drink coffee) they have a website with a menu- had dinner at La Spiga, had to go to KaPow coffee to get ‘I Rode the S.L.U.T.’ merchandise- they too have a website explaining the the South Lake Union Trolley- it was very relaxing- it only rained once, cloudy a few days, but was a lot warmer than Idaho- and everything was so green and the flowers were blooming- it was beautiful- take lots of pictures and enjoy one another- I will be thinking of you and your hubby and wishing you lots of peace for your trip- also there are some fun little shops called LUSH that sell fun bath goodies- and there not just for you 🙂 you can check them out at LUSH.com they are in Seattle and in Bellvue. Have a great time!

  10. I’m visiting your blog for the 1st time and just read your two posts about grief and it touched me so deeply and I related to everything you were saying in so many ways. Thank you for writing this.

    I felt the same way after spending thousands of dollars on treatments that at least I can write it off in my taxes and get some money back. Have a wonderful trip. I live on the west coast and often go to Seattle for weekend trips as well.. 🙂 Enjoy your get away.. 🙂

  11. Isn’t it crazy going thru your taxes and seeing all that for nothing. Bah!

  12. Argh, the money aspect is so maddening. I sooo hope next time you spend a big wad of cash anywhere near that, it’s to outfit your new nursery. Or at least buy yourself something very special that makes you happy!

    Have a wonderful trip! I am really hoping to visit Seattle myself for the first time this year — my husband’s family is all up in rural WA.

    Take care!

  13. Hey, I live in Seattle! I hope you have a good time. The weather hasn’t been too bad, lately!

  14. Hey, dear Luna!

    Sorry your comment disappeared (especially as I’m sure it included lots of good advice). I hope I didn’t inadvertently delete it. Bad me, bad me! Again, have a wonderful trip!

  15. That was tough for us seeing those $$ on the taxes this year, and not having much to show for it….
    Have a great time in Seattle–I love it there!

  16. I hope you are having a wonderful time this weekend – it sounds marvelous! As for the tax deduction, yep, I’m right there with you. Will be actually meeting the 7 percent threshold this year for the first time ever.

    What stings the most for me is that if I’d had the baby I was supposed to have before the ectopic pregnancy, I’d be able to claim a dependent. Putting “0” in the space for dependents on your tax return? It hurts. The financial impact is meaningless to me, but the “dependent” part of course, is not.

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