No, this isn’t about my ongoing quest for inner peace…

I just wanted to share some of the not-so-fun
 search terms people have used to find my blog:

“friends who make you cry”
“life long grief”
“could I still be grieving”
“learning to accept grief”
“failed IVF facing life without children”
“tolerate another baby shower”
“baby shower infertility dread”
“I don’t want to go to another baby shower”
“birthday blessing for babies” (oops, wrong place!)
“crying for another baby”
“baby boy angel birthday”
“stillbirth ritual”
“grieving the unborn ritual”
“books over grieving inability to conceive”
“salmon swimming upstream to spawn” (ruh-roh, wrong again)
“it steals your future”
“words to say to mum whose baby was still”
“words of support for friend with infertility”
“grief when people say they understand”
“stages of grief losing a father”
“living in the moment” (probably a search for some zen guide to life…)
“infertility open letter to friends” (I think you found me and commented)
“lost my baby to fibroids”
“period from hell”

Sure says a lot, huh?  So sad, but true.

These terms unfortunately are not amusing like an old post I remember where someone searched for
“fuck fertiles and infertility” and found a certain blogger. Right on sister!

Don’t be shy people, come say hello, if you found what you were looking for… 


~ by luna on February 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “searching…”

  1. My favorite search term was “how to find beer under age in Myrtle Beach.” Seriously. I think I need to reconsider the levity of my blog!

  2. I keep getting searches for bozo punching bags and High Fidelity mix tape rules. I’m tempted to make those unsearchable, but it amuses me so…

    I wish sometimes I could reach out to the people who search things like “pain of infertility” and just talk to them for a while. Let them know we’re out here and they can join us at any time.

  3. I keep meaning to aggregate my searches, too. The combinations can be startling and thought provoking, can’t they?

  4. Eek! What a mixture. The world is such a lonely place sometimes. I’m sure some of these people found some comfort in your words.

    And some are just so odd, makes you wonder….

  5. OK, I’m clueless. How do you do this?? It would be fun to find out…

  6. loribeth, I’m not sure if blogspot and others provide this service, but wordpress has a report called “blog stats” that includes “search engine terms” (a list of search terms with dates). I imagine there’s a way to find out for other blogs too, but I don’t know it. sorry! ~luna

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