a few things you’d never know

Wow, I’m going to write about something other than grief and infertility. It appears I’ve been tagged by Melanie to tell you a few quirky things about myself. Cool, thanks, Melanie! Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules.
3. Share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag at least 3 people.
5. Make sure the people you tagged KNOW you tagged them by commenting on what you did.

Ok, so here it goes:

(1) I take a boat to work every day. Riding a ferry on the bay is a beautiful way to begin and end a workday. Maybe not be as nice as when I work from home and my commute involves rolling out of bed and into my office without a shower. But if you’ve got to go, enjoying the quiet of the morning or sunset on the bay is definitely the way. Driving or taking the bus doesn’t even compare.

(2) Aside from college, this is about the only time in my life I’ve lived without a pet. Growing up, I had dogs who were my faithful companions. As an adult, I had a sweet kitty who just died last year at 17. The Amazing M and I have had two wonderful pups who are both gone now — one who lived to nearly 12, and the other who left us way too soon before her time. They were our family. And I still talk to them. (Ok, I lied and said I wasn’t going to talk about grief, but I miss them.) 

(3) I have a secret thing for jazz musicians and professional basketball players. Well it’s not so secret — the Amazing M knows and he shares my enthusiasm for these activities, but in all fairness it’s for the love of the game and music rather than the hotness of the player. Let’s just say talent is sexy. Hey, at least we get to share some hobbies. 

(4) I love a good documentary and can watch one on almost any subject if it’s well made. Something about good storytelling is so compelling. I can sit enthralled learning about a subject that would normally hold no interest or that I’d otherwise be reluctant to watch. It can be spellbinding. I want to know what happens next. 

(5) Growing up, I was the only girl in a family of boys. I have two brothers, two step-brothers and two cousins who are like brothers. (I had girl cousins but we weren’t close in age and we lived far apart.) I have 5 SILs (including cousins and steps). I’m aunt to 11 nieces, nephews and baby cousins.

(6) I have a problem following recipes, can’t do it. I love to cook (when I’m inspired and have the time). But I create my own concoctions by trial and error. When I use a recipe it’s usually only for inspiration. I always have to change something. I like to experiment and improve things, but never write anything down so every creation is non-replicable except as I remember it. (Note this may be genetic — my grandmother was the same way except she was a professional so she’d perfect an adjustment then write it down. When I inherited her recipe box, her notes were all handwritten in the margins.)

And now for more quirky fun and levity, I’m tagging 
JJMs. Heathen and Pamela Jeanne. You’re it!

~ by luna on February 9, 2008.

8 Responses to “a few things you’d never know”

  1. I’m glad you like commuting by boat…I would hate that. I get seasick just thinking about being on a boat!!

    And I’m no good without a recipe. My “trials” never work out. 🙂

  2. You’re such a good sport. I would love getting to work by boat. How wonderfully contemplative. And you’re absolutely right about the law books. I think I was so puffed up with pride about being a “lawyer” I just kept them. Or I was lazy, who knows. Now I would be puffed up with pride if I had “lottery winner” after my name! (how neat about your grandmother. What a legacy for you to have).

  3. I’m the same way with recipes. The good news is that I have had some wonderful tastes come from my concocting this and that. The bad news is that I can’t always recreate it.

  4. Ah, yes… I totally have a thing for jazz (and jazz musicians) as well. In fact, it’s probably one of the top 5 reasons I moved to NYC. Good thing I did, too, because I ended up marrying one!

    Also love documentaries, too. Just watched the strangest one about people who want to be amputees (like it’s a mental illness). I think it’s called “Whole”? Strange and upsetting yet in a very odd way you can see where they’re coming from and feel compassion for them. I love those kinds of documentaries especially.

  5. HEY!!! I was just about to tag you myself! Now I’m feeling all preempted.

  6. I would love to commute to work on a boat – my daily routine is more along the lines of roll out of bed & into the office!

    But now I’m going to have to go away and think up six interesting facts about myself…

  7. My husband would love to be able to boat to work!! What a beautiful picture.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

  8. You’ve been “E”ed! I wanted to let you know that I have tagged you E for Excellent! Your blog is great and wanted to pass on this lovely letter to you. See my blog for your E!! Taking a boat to work sounds heavenly!

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