another day, another (few thousand) dollar(s)

It figures that on the day of my bfn, another big fat bill of unpaid expenses from our IVF was waiting in our mailbox. How’s that for shitty timing? We had already covered the base amount for cash-paying IVF patients (about 10k without meds), but we had not yet been charged for ICSI (+2k), embryo freezing (+1k) or storage (+$500/year). Yeah, great, thanks a bunch. Make your checks payable to Super Duper Baby-Making Clinic that Failed to Get Me Pregnant. Memo to Billing: couldn’t you have waited a measly week at least? 

On top of that, there was another bill for all my miscellaneous bloodwork panels that insurance now refuses to cover (another +1k). Q: Since when is testing for infectious diseases not covered by insurance? A: Ever since a big red
“infertility” stamp cursed my file and some bean counter figured out how to trace everything back to my uncovered treatments. But don’t get me started on that.  

No, there’s nothing like forking up yet another $4000 when you’re crying your guts out and trying to figure out next steps while money is unfortunately an issue. Of course had I gotten pregnant it would be worth every last penny, of course, and then some. So yeah, some sour grapes there. Especially since we were just figuring that an FET will cost at least another $3000. (Again, if FET works, I will very happily eat these words.) And to recover from all of these disappointments, we desperately need a vacation that will also cost us. 

I meant to vent about this last week, but never got around to it. Since we just had our failed IVF follow-up consultation, it seemed appropriate. But more on that later. For now, I just wanted to let off some steam and prove (to myself) that I was capable of writing a short post…  


~ by luna on January 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “another day, another (few thousand) dollar(s)”

  1. Aw, but I like your posts no matter what the length!

    Sorry about the suckarific mailbox fodder. It’s like buying a top of the line tv that you never get to take home. Hope that better days will come soon.

  2. That is soooo unfair and the same thing is happening to me! I’m currently fighting with my insurance company over blood work for my failed IVF cycle. So so sorry you are having to deal with it. There should be a rule that if the clinic doesn’t bill you by your transfer date, they are not allowed to bill you at all : )

    I hope that the extra money will soon be forgotten because the FET will work. I have high hopes for you girl.

    Can’t wait to hear about your post-IVF consult.

    – Angela

    P.S. I love your posts, long or short!

    P.P.S. I left you a comment on my blog in the comments section responding to your funny comment : ) Thanks for all your support.

  3. I too remember getting that fat bill just a few days after getting a fat negative. It didn’t affect my husband (“they’re running a business”) but it hit me like a hard slap. A trained monkey would have had the sensitivity to wait a few weeks until the pain had numbed. My plan for this round is to get it all paid up on the day of transfer if possible. (Alas, no insurance, so it can’t be that hard to just add up all the zeros.) But do try to get away, even if it’s just a long weekend. Have some fun coupletime and think of it as likely one of the last times in the near future you get to drink copious amounts of alcohol and eat unpasturized cheeses!

  4. Wow, the billing department couldn’t have waited just another week. Sorry about the sucky timing, and the sucky insurance company. Dealing with money on top of all this emotional stuff is so hard.

    I hope you can get away. We did a lot of 3 day weekends, it’s enough to relax but doesn’t break the bank

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