the glimmer twins


So we got the final fertilization report this morning before our day-3 transfer.  Looks like 15 of our embryos progressed, a few of which were excellent quality.  We transferred 2 apparently “perfect” looking ones (see the “glimmer twins” above), 8 cells with zero fragmentation.  1 was from ICSI and 1 was from traditional IVF.  At least 1-2 others seemed to be similar quality, and the rest ranged from 7-10 cells with little to no fragmentation.  The RE said we would freeze the other 13 embies, though we don’t know how many could ultimately survive a thaw (I’m not sure how a different number of cells or some fragmentation affects the likelihood of a successful thaw)…

After they prepped me for the transfer, the RE yelled back to the lab, “ok, load ’em up!” which cracked me up a bit but made the sonographer press harder on my full bladder.  Of course I had to try not to pee in the doctor’s face, because that would just be rude.  Afterwards, I’m sure like many of you who had to rush to the bathroom, when I (finally) peed, I prayed “please don’t let me pee out my little embies!”

So for now, we hope the “glimmer twins” will get comfy and burrow in for a nice long ride.  They are aptly named after the hope and chance of light they provide after such a long darkness.  This is really the best chance we’ve had in years to overcome our multitude of issues.  And the hope is for a healthy singleton since I’d be such a high risk pregnancy already with my previous premature rupture.  So while secretly I’d be thrilled for twins, one healthy baby would be just perfect.

Finally, no sign of severe OHSS, just some bloating.  Though I did get an awful cold yesterday, which was bad timing.  Looks like that immuno-suppressant they gave me is working a little too well.  So now I just hope I don’t sneeze out the twins (is that possible?!)… 

 And so the most agonizing 2ww begins…


~ by luna on December 22, 2007.

9 Responses to “the glimmer twins”

  1. Hello,

    I am going to keep everything crossed for you.

    Hoping that wonderful things happen for you and sending very, very, positive vibes.


  2. Good luck! I hope the 2ww goes quickly for you!

  3. Wishing you all the luck (and light) in the world!

  4. Glad the transfer went well. Hope the glimmer twins are getting nice and comfy!

  5. Good luck to you and the glimmer twins! Can’t wait for your super beta! Thanks for the comment and support on my blog. I appreciate it more than words can say.

  6. Hope that the glimmer twins are making themselves at home! I wish you the very best of luck & will be keeping all my fingers crossed for you.

  7. Fingers crossed.

  8. […] be more likely to thrive. But it’s still a crapshoot. Perfect looking embryos (like the glimmer twins) can fail to develop, and not-so-perfect looking ones can make absolutely perfect babies. They just […]

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