best news all year.

So many eggs.  No wonder I’ve been feeling like an enormous burlap sack of wet rice, or something like that.  My egg retrieval was yesterday and I was anxious to get those plump ripe things out and into the lab.  They didn’t belong in my body.  Not 32 of them!  That’s right, 32 eggs in my 38.5 year old ovaries, a more “aggressive” response than anyone expected.  Only 15 eggs had shown up at the baseline ultrasound, but they must have sensed a party because they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on.  My RE reduced my stimulation dose after just 5 days, but they still kept growing.  In the end, she harvested 32 eggs.  Wow.  Who knew?

Of course this puts me at risk of moderate or severe OHSS (hyperstimulation syndrome), which is scary.  I’m trying to stay hydrated, but there’s not much else I can do.  Needless to say, I was extremely sore last night and spent the night on the couch with a heating pad.  The Amazing M took wonderful care of me (that’s why he’s amazing).  We joked about our bit parts getting some action in their many petri dishes (since we won’t be able to for a little while), and we sent them some good mojo

And that’s not all.  We just got the fertilization report.  (Thank goodness for wonderful nurses who call in the morning instead of making you wait until 4pm.)  Drumroll please… as of this very moment, we have 20 embryos!  Out of 30 attempts, 20 fertilized!  Unbelievable, I know.  Of course they will not all grow or develop normally.  They will not all be top grade-ready-to-transfer-or-freezer-grade quality. But we sure as hell are hoping that with 20 we will have enough to work with.  There must be some good ones in there, right?!  

We did split ICSI to overcome a morphology issue: 8 of 17 fertilized naturally (thru traditional IVF), and 12 of 13 fertilized with ICSI.  So if there’s no sign of OHSS and we have some healthy looking embyros on Saturday, we will go ahead and transfer two of the best looking ones, and freeze whatever’s good to go (with the high hope of a future sibling).  But I am getting waaaay ahead of myself here.   For now, I just hope those embies are growing, growing, growing, and that I stay well enough for transfer on Saturday.  Thanks all for your good wishes.  Something sure seems to be working, for a change… 

Editing to add:  I updated this from my earlier reports.  We learned they tried to fertilize 30 eggs that made 20 embryos.  So now they put those embies away until the morning of transfer, when they’ll evaluate cell division and fragmentation.  I’m still on close OHSS watch, and the next few days are the danger zone.  If all goes well, transfer is scheduled for 9:30am Saturday!  Still without doubt the best news we’ve had all year… Now I’ve gotta go drink some more water…  


~ by luna on December 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “best news all year.”

  1. That is freakin’ phenomenal! SO. EXCITED. FOR. YOU!!!!!!!

  2. That is amazing news! Keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you and your little embies the best of luck for a happy return on Saturday!

  3. OMG! Your are a freaking machine! Keeping my fingers crossed…good luck with everything!

  4. That is fantastic news! Congratulations 🙂 Here’s to an easy transfer tomorrow. And no OHSS!

  5. Coming over from the lost and found. That is wonderful news!!! Hoping for no OHSS

  6. Congrats! what a great number… surely there is a couple in there that will bring you fortune in 08! So excited for you!!

  7. What terrific news…so very happy for you!

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