countdown to harvest

I never knew how heavy my belly could be without a baby inside.  Wasn’t sure how uncomfortable I’d get, but now I think I’m ready to part with these ready ripe eggs.  I still can’t believe how many are there, just waiting to be harvested.  In 17 hours I’ll be at the clinic waiting to pass ’em on over to the skilled hands of my RE (who has operated on me twice in the past year), an incredible embryologist, their staff and outrageously high-tech, expensive lab equipment.  And once the Amazing M does his business in some other room, it will be quite literally out of our hands.  It is amazing the lengths we’ve gone through to get to this point.  Trying to do everything right, letting it all go, temping, not temping, OPKs, winging it, surgeries, IUIs, tests and more tests.  Yet here we are, resigned to the fact that we have absolutely no control and willingly handing over the task to a team of consummate professionals to help us accomplish the most fundamentally natural act in the world.   It’s kind of like a weird science fiction movie, except I hope with a super cool and happy ending… 


~ by luna on December 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “countdown to harvest”

  1. It was so funny. . . I was READY for egg retrieval and I mean READY. I felt as if my ovaries were about to explode. And yet. . . I missed my lil’ eggies when they were gone. There was something about feeling that heaviness that was strangely reassuring. And even though I know that all along it was out of my hands, when the eggs were gone, in a faraway petri dish, I felt as if it was truly beyond me at that point. But THEN the fertilization reports started coming in and I started getting excited to get my blastocysts back! It is such an exciting, scary, srange, exhilerating time. I wish you luck, peace, and that happy ending that you SO. DESERVE.

  2. I recall all the feelings and thoughts you’ve outlined here like it was yesterday. Well said. Wishing you great success and a super cool and happy ending. Will check back on your progress upon my return … All the best to you, PJ

  3. Lots of luck to you tomorrow! I hope your harvest is bountiful and the results amazing. 🙂

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