good to go!

I got the OK to trigger tonight for egg retrieval on Wednesday morning!  Looks like the extra day cooking ripened some more follies.  I’ve got about 25 total(!), which even surprised my RE: 12 are at 12-14mm, and 12 are at 15-20mm.  Holy crap, who knew?!  RE hopes to get a good number of mature eggs from the “harvest.”  She says I’ve had an “aggressive” yet “excellent” response to the meds, and she waited to check my estrogen before giving the go-ahead.  No symptoms of OHSS, though I am growing more uncomfortable, bloated and tender each day.  My crazy ovaries feel like big old water balloons taking up too much space in my lower abdomen, but if they’re doing their job, that’s fine with me for another day or two.  They’re over 5cm each, which if you look at a ruler is pretty big for how small they normally are…  So we are on target to trigger tonight with hCG at 9:30pm for retrieval on Wednesday at 9:30am.  Fertilization report Thursday morning for Saturday transfer (3-day).  I’m excited and nervous and trying not to get my hopes up about getting 20 mature eggs, but we’ve got to get some good ones out of this big bunch, right?!  


~ by luna on December 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “good to go!”

  1. I wish you all the luck in the WORLD on Wednesday. So. Excited. For. YOU. Can’t wait for your good news in just a couple of weeks!!!!!!

  2. Good luck! Lots of healthy embryos for you!

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