junkie follies

So this was a first.  Last night I shot up in a public parking lot in the middle of town under a dim, flickering, buzzing light while watching over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching.  Ok, the light wasn’t flickering and buzzing, I was just trying to set the mood.  But you get the idea.  Day 8 of stimulation and the Amazing M and I went out for a “last hurrah” before my ovaries get too plump and tender to do much. (For most people, a “last hurrah” involves binging on alcohol or world travel or adventurous yet hazardous activities before getting married or conceiving on the first try…)  So in between dinner and a show I had to mix up my dope and inject 3 rounds of meds, packed carefully with my Follistim pen on blue ice, and I needed some help.  Since the Amazing M could never pass for a chic to shoot me up in the ladies room, we had to go outside in the cold.  He was a superstar.  And I felt like a junkie, jonesing for my fix of follie crack… 

The good news is its working!  My follicles are growing and looking good.  I’ve been posting quick updates here, so I can keep track all in one place.  But so you don’t have to dig, here it is: I’ve got 20 follies total(!), though we don’t expect all of them to necessarily mature.  Still, I was pleasantly surprised since my baseline ultrasound detected just 15. There are 12 on the right and 8 on the left: 5 at 15-16mm, 3 at 14mm (that’s 8 so far), and 12 in the 10-12mm range. Tomorrow they’ll decide if I’m ready for the HCG trigger Sunday night for egg retrieval on Tuesday morning (and embryo transfer on Friday), or if I should wait until Monday to trigger with retrieval on Wednesday and transfer Saturday (just before the IVF lab closes for the holidays). Hopefully I’ll have more good news tomorrow…


~ by luna on December 15, 2007.

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  1. […] I left early). But the Amazing M has actually gotten quite skilled at it. He even shot me up in a parking lot once. Plus it’s a nice way to keep him involved. But I finally had to do a few shots of lupron […]

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