a little help from our friends

Jan. 2 & 4 Update: poas bfn. cancel beta.

Dec. 22 Update: We’ve got 15 embryos remaining.  Embryo transfer at 9:30am after acupuncture and valium.  3-day transfer for 2 “perfect” looking embies with 8 cells and zero fragmentation (1-ICSI, 1-IVF).  13 embies (of varying quality) are frozen.

Dec. 20 Update:  We’ve got 20 embryos!  They attempted to fertilize 30 eggs: 17 thru traditional IVF and 13 thru ICSI.  20 fertilized: 12 thru ICSI and 8 thru traditional IVF.  But with all those eggs, OHSS watch begins.  If all goes well, transfer set for Sat., Dec. 22 at 9:30am.  

Dec. 19 Update: Egg retrieval today yields 32 eggs!  Now we’ll see how many a mature and how many fertilize.  

Dec. 17 Update:  Looks like the extra day was just what those follies needed.  I’ve got 25+ total, with 12 between 12-14mm and 12 between 15-20mm.  Estrogen levels are good so I got the OK to trigger tonight for retrieval Wednesday morning.  Last shot for a few days (yay)!

Dec. 16 Update:  Folly count is still up, but not ready to trigger yet.  RE’s trying to ripen more of the mid-range size follies to maturity, especially since we are doing ICSI.  Looks like still 20 total (12 right, 8 left), with 10 between 14-18mm (mostly 14-15mm) and 10 between 10-12mm.  So one more night of stims and trigger should be Monday night for Wednesday retrieval…

Dec. 15 Update: Folly count is up, still looking good.  I have 20 total(!) but they’re not all likely to mature.  8 are in the 14-16 mm range, and 12 are in the 10-12 mm range.  I go back in tomorrow to see if I’m ready to trigger Sunday for egg retrieval Tuesday morning (or whether I’ll trigger Mon. for Wed. ER).  Starting to feel pretty tender and bloated but so excited we are on track… 

Dec. 14 Update: Well, I’ve still got 12 follicles but they’re growing slowly.  There are 6 on each side, with a total of 2 at 14mm, 4 at 12mm, and 6 at 10-11mm (right: 2 each @10-11 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm; left: 2@12mm, 4@10-11 mm).  RE hopes they’ll all catch up soon.  More tomorrow…

Dec. 12 Update: Today my RE was pleased with my nicely growing follicles — 12 of 15 progressing so far — and she lowered my stimulation from here on out. RE explained she originally put me on 3 amps of Follistim (225 units), her usual protocol for women who are a little older or overweight (boo!), but then reduced it since I apparently didn’t need the extra dose (yay!). So far so good…


December 2007: IVF #1 Protocol  
November 13: cd 1
November 14: start BCP 
November 28: start Lupron (10 units) 
December 5: baseline ultrasound detects 15 follicles (7 right; 8 left) 
December 7: cd1; begin FSH/Follistim (225 units) & Repronex (150 units);  decrease Lupron (to 5 units)
December 11: decrease FSH/Follistim (to 150 units)
December 12: ultrasound detects 12 follicles at 10-11 mm (5 right; 7 left); decrease Repronex (to 75 units) 
December 13: decrease FSH/Follistim (to 75 units) 
December 14: ultrasound detects 12+ follicles (6 on each side); left: 2@12mm, 4@10-11mm; right: 2 each @10-11mm, 12mm, 14mm
December 15: 20 follicles detected (12 right, 8 left); 5@15-16mm, 3@14mm, 12@10-12mm
December 16: 20+ follicles detected: 1@18mm, 2@17mm, 1@16mm, 3@15mm, 3@14mm, and 10-12 between 10-12mm
December 17: 25+ follicles detected: 2@12mm, 6@13mm, 4@14mm, 3@15mm, 1@16mm, 3@17mm, 2@18mm, 2@19mm, 1@20mm; hCG trigger (5000iu) tonight at 9:30pm
December 19: egg retrieval at 9:30am: 32 eggs retrieved (surprise!)
December 20: 23 mature eggs =>20 embryos: 12 via ICSI and 8 via traditional IVF
December 21: begin progesterone in ethyl oleate injections (50mg in 25g needle)
December 22: embryo transfer at 9:30am: 3-day transfer for two 8-cell embies with no fragmentation (1-IVSI, 1-IVF); 13 embryos of varying quality are frozen
December 23: begin 4mg estrace (estrogen) by mouth

longest 2 week wait ever… 

Jan. 2 & 4: bfn. stop all meds (Jan. 4)
Jan. 7: cd1. fuck.


~ by luna on December 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “a little help from our friends”

  1. Welcome to Blogland and best wishes on your IVF.

  2. Yes, welcome to blog land and good luck with the IVF.

  3. Hi, I found my way to your blog through Lost & Found. Sounds like you have had a very long, tough road. Good luck with your cycle!

  4. Luna- totally personal question, so feel free not to answer. what did you do with the remaining frozen embryos? I know you had 1 FET…

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