welcome to my life from here…

This is the inaugural post of my “life from here” blog.  After many years of trying for a baby and battling combination fertility issues, I am finally embarking on my (first and last) best chance with IVF.  The road has been long and hard, and I’m now nearing the last stop, with or without a baby…  While I don’t know if anyone will read my story, I hope you will.

I started this blog for a few reasons: (1) writing is therapy (and it’s free); (2) I’m a woman on the edge and I don’t know what’s next, or how I’ll deal with it (i.e., will I overcome all obstacles and finally get pregnant? will this fail and exhaust our limited options? will I fear another painful loss? will I face a child-free future? will I finally become mother to a living child?); in any case, I need an outlet to process it all — my hopes and dreams, my fears, and next steps (see #1); (3) I am inspired and awed by the incredible community of support in infertility blogland, and I’m moved by your strength to share my story in the hope of helping another down this long dark road, wherever it leads…

Welcome to my journey — and so it begins…


~ by luna on December 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “welcome to my life from here…”

  1. Welcome! I’m glad I get to be the first comment. And I’m wishing you a lot of good thoughts on this next leg of the journey.

  2. […] Three years ago when I started telling my story here, I had no idea what my life would look like today. I sat on the edge of hope, of despair, looking out over the abyss and pondering an uncertain future. Within six months, after the last of our treatments had failed, we had shifted our focus to building our family through adoption. […]

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